Supply Chain Management and Logistics

ECHK Ltd offer a fully managed service from initial enquiry through to delivery.

We have dedicated staff responsible for managing our customers orders to ensure our delivery schedules are met.

Due to regular shipments we are able to consolidate smaller shipments with other customers parts in the same containers and hence all the paperwork and consolidation is managed by a central point.

ECHK Ltd ship out of the following ports in China: Shanghai , Ningbo, Dalian, Shenzhen

We export worldwide to UK, France , Germany, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Dubai, USA, Australia.

Our logistic partners in China support us by consolidation of various suppliers shipments to enable us to maximise container utilisation by weight and volume for example, combining heavy dense parts such as castings and forgings, with lighter higher volume components such as wirework and plastics.

This allows us to offer attractive shipping rates especially for , high volume , low cost parts such as plastic injection mouldings, which in turn allows us to pass on better prices to our customers.
ECHK Ltd Offer:
  • Managed delivery schedules and logistics support with our staff based in China and our logistics partners Worldwide.
  • Shipments Worldwide by sea and air.
  • Consolidation of shipments from China
  • Buffer Stock holding in China for immediate shipment.
  • Timely Deliveries
  • Shipping : CNF, CIF, DDP,FCL,LCL
  • Local partners worldwide to aid customs clearance on arrival.

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