Engineering Components HK Ltd specialise in sourcing engineering components from manufacturers in China.

ECHK employ, UK qualified manufacturing engineers, and are supported by engineers based from our offices in Hong Kong and our partners in the UK.

Combined with many years experience of dealing with companies in China, ECHK are able to provide a one-stop shop for all of our customers needs, and provide solutions to the quality management and logistical control of sourcing components from China by adopting a hands on approach with sourcing, supplier selection and quality control.

The Management Team of ECHK have over 15 years experience , expertise, and knowledge of the Chinese market and have audited hundreds of manufacturing companies in China across a diverse range of manufacturing processes and services.

We offer access to a network of approved suppliers which allows our clients to obtain quick results to their sourcing activities.

ECHK Ltd guarantee the quality and supply of your products and provide significant savings trouble free.

  > Low risk China sourcing with confidence
> Significant savings
> Reliable deliveries
> Quality assured products
> Quick results for early benefits

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